Jean-Louis Rodrigue was invited again to be an expert at the Berlinale Talent Campus #9. He will present a major component of the new intensified hands-on program, Talent Actors Stage.


Berlinale Workshop

Offering a range of training opportunities for actors, from acting technique, dialogue training, to casting and camera acting, it also provides interdisciplinary collaborations with other hands-on programs at the Campus to facilitate networking with directors, producers and screenwriters.




Berlinale Talent Campus 2010: Film and theater movement director Jean-Louis Rodrigue sharing his secrets with Talents at Meet the Expert. Photo credit: Jakub Koncir © Berlinale 2010

The Berlinale Talent Campus is an annual event that takes place parallel to the Berlin International Film Festival. The Campus and its participants benefit greatly from their proximity to the main festival centre and the European Film Market (EFM).






Berlinale Talent Campus 2010: Mexican actor Gael García Bernal talking about his working experience in film. Photo credit: Peter Himsel © Berlinale 2010

The 350 young students or graduates from film schools and/ or film professionals early in their careers are invited to learn from top experts through lectures, seminars and workshops, and have the opportunity to build international networks.






Berlinale Talent Campus 2010: Jean-Louis Rodrigue in 'Embodying The Character' workshop. Photo credit: Jakub Koncir © Berlinale 2010

Besides Rodrigue, film experts this year included among many others Stephen Frears, Stephen Daldry, Alexandre Desplat, Mike Medavoy, and Hanna Schygulla. Dieter Kosslick, the Artistic Director of the Berlinale, confirms that “The Berlinale needs Talents just as cinema needs talent.





Berlinale Talent Campus 2010: Composer Alexandre Desplat before his master class. Photo credit: Peter Himsel © Berlinale 2010

The correspondent motto of this year’s Berlinale Talent Campus is ‘Cinema Needs Talent: Looking for the Right People’. This motto refers to an extremely important moment in filmmaking: teaming up with the right people. The pleasure of being creative and the quality of its results are closely connected to the people you are surrounded by.”