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First of all, we hope you are healthy and safe in the comfort of your home. Due to the spread of COVID-19, our in-person teaching offerings are temporarily on hold. The good news is we’ve started a new online program and we’re very excited about our new virtual classes and workshops to support you during this challenging time. All of our offerings in our new program are done online and live on ZOOM. Also, both of us are still available for online private coaching. Click here to view our upcoming classes/workshops or fill out our form here to schedule your next private session. Please sign up for our email list to be notified as we roll out more online classes and workshops. Stay safe and healthy. 
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Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad, Alexander Techworks

Whether we’re teaching a newcomer or an Academy Award-winner, our approach is the same. It’s about choosing how you want to use yourself.



Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad are the team that make up Alexander Techworks. They are internationally known as two of the most sought after acting coaches, performance experts, and movement teachers — collectively teaching the Alexander Technique in theater, film, and television for the past 38 years.

Alexander Techworks offers private instruction, training, coaching, group classes, and intensive workshops in Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, Toronto, Melbourne, and many other cities.

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What is the Alexander Technique?

kristof breaks it down in two minutes

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Ritesh Batra
Film Director

I often think of the things Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad taught me with the Alexander Technique. The Lunch Box only got made because I was able to pitch it effectively after working with them.

Michael Welch

Through body awareness and proper physical alignment, Kristof Konrad helps open up channels of energy that enable full presence of being . . . he will help you bring LIFE to every moment of a performance -- simple, unforced, bold, and electric!

Juliette Binoche

Jean-Louis Rodrigue has a clear view of the character the actor is playing and also an awareness of the purpose and structure of the whole movie, which engages the actor’s entire intention and responsibility with the project. His work is a useful and exciting way to open my channels for my research as an actress.

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