Kristof & Jean-Louis Teaching at Berlinale 2013 - Alexander Technique in Film

Kristof Konrad & Jean-Louis Rodrigue teaching in Berlin
© Myrna Maakaron

During the past five years, Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad have been invited to teach intensive workshops in Berlin and in Milan during the summer months. This is an extraordinary experience because they work with the most talented young actors in Europe, as well as established, recognizable stars.

This year, Jean-Louis and Kristof accepted an invitation from the Generation Campus, an intensive film training program with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. The major labs included a Script Lab, Music Lab, Animation Studio, Documentary Lab, and the production of a short film.

Acting in Film, Berlin 2013 - Alexander Technique in Film

Nicole Marischka & Albrecht Abraham Schuch
© Myrna Maakaron

The workshops in Berlin and Moscow were called Acting in Film and the Alexander Technique, with the main focus on the “close-up.” The actors explored the skills and the tools that are required for the creation of believable characters and performances specifically geared for the camera.

In Milan, acting teacher and long time friend Michael Rodgers invited Jean-Louis and Kristof to teach a workshop at his studio for a talented group of actors. This particular program called Embodying The Character was geared toward exploring ways of developing the character through the body using the Alexander Technique, animal studies, rhythm, and other methods.

Alexander Technique in Film, Berlin 2013

Sara Sommerfeldt & Rodja Troscher
© Myrna Maakaron

Many of the actors participating in Berlin have been working with Jean-Louis and Kristof for many years. The beauty of having a long-working relationship with the actors is the artistic growth that comes from developing a common vocabulary of learning, allowing the work to propel forward. Jean-Louis and Kristof were thrilled with their workshop in Berlin, agreeing:

The experience was remarkable, probably the best workshop we have ever taught.

Berlin Acting in Film Workshop 2013 - Alexander Technique in Film

Acting in Film Workshop, Berlin 2013
© Myrna Maakaron