mexico-city-workshopJean-Louis and Kristof traveled to Mexico City to conduct a 4-day intensive workshop at Universidad de Comunicacion (University of Communication) in Mexico City from August 30 – September 2, 2018.

Last Spring, Mexican actress Costanza Andrade participated in Jean-Louis and Kristof’s Acting in Film and the Alexander Technique workshop in New York, and she was so impressed with it that she helped coordinate Alexander Techworks first workshop in Mexico. Costanza brought Universidad de Comunicacion on board to sponsor the workshop in their beautiful space in La Fraternidad in the Condesa district of Mexico City.

The actors and film creatives that Costanza was able to attract was truly a reflection of Mexico taking center stage of filmmaking in the world. Recently, Mexican directors have been awarded the highest prizes including Alfonso Cuaron winning the Golden Lion for “Roma” and Guillermo del Toro winning the Oscar for “The Shape of Water.”

Jean-Louis and Kristof are so grateful to Costanza, Salvador Ayala (Director), and Helen Davalos (Director of Communication) and look forward to future creative collaborations.

Emerged from the four day intensive workshop, Embodying the Character, given by two of the most generous, intelligent, sensitive, and talented teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with: Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad, thank you for your time and dedication and for creating this life-changing experience. You are amazing! Thank you also to all my fellow colleagues at the workshop for all your talent and for sharing your inner animals. Thank you, Costanza Andrade, for being the one who made it possible. And thank you Fito Pardo for your lovely group photo. Miao! (Paulina del Paso)

Facebook Live with Jean-Louis + Kristof in Mexico City: