Berlinale 2015 w/ Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad

Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad with their students from Berlinale’s Talent Actors Stage, ©Bettina Ausserhofer

With the main theme being “2015: A Space Discovery,” Berlinale Talents invited 300 emerging filmmakers to discover new ways of looking at cinematic space. With nearly 100 talks and workshops, experts and talent explored film as a multi-dimensional spatial art, jointly discovering various perspectives for the screen, or how characters unfold the action in spaces of edited stories and imagery. Berlinale Talents relates all of this, on a local and global level, to the economic and cultural spaces in which talents create and market their films.

Since 2008, Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad have conducted several high profile workshops within the program of the Berlinale Talents. They were directly involved in the development of the Talent Actors Stage, a hands-on training program for emerging actors which selects 15 to 20 international actors to participate annually. Their workshops include Embodying the Character and Camera Close-up Acting, both of which have become classics and are highly appreciated by the participants every year.

Miguel Nunes in actor's workshop ©Kristof Konrad

Miguel Nunes in Berlinale actor’s workshop, ©Kristof Konrad

Matthijs Wouter Knol, the former Program Manager of Berlinale Talents and the current director of the European Film Market (EFM), recommended Jean-Louis and Kristof to colleagues at various Talent Campus initiatives they co-host in five other vibrant cities in the world: Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Durban, Sarajevo, and Tokyo. The Guadalajara Talent Campus’ workshop, “Embodying the Character,” was a huge success the last two years. And Jean-Louis and Kristof are looking forward to attending Talents FICG again this month.

Florian Weghornthe new Programme Manager for Berlinale Talents, spoke on this year’s thematic focus:

Technically and aesthetically the cinematic space is just being re-invented these days, while our daily living spaces are tangibly being transformed by political and economic upheavals. Filmmakers navigate in many dimensions, their films therefore offer the frameworks or let them overcome boundaries. We look forward to turning Berlinale Talents once again into an open space for encounters, exchanges and networking.

Myrna Makaroon, Sebastian Denz, and Jean-Louis Rodrigue at Berlinale 2015

Ralf Schafer, Myrna Makaroon, Sebastian Denz, and Jean-Louis Rodrigue at the Hau Theater. ©Peter Himsel