INTERKUNST is a registered non-profit association based in Berlin. It was founded on 1990 and is active since 1992. Activities are concentrated on the realization of multi-cultural projects, innovative forms of encounter and interdisciplinary forms of theatre and art. The association is in particular representing their European approaches by creating integrative projects for artists from different disciplines and of different nationalities. A main focus of the theatre work is lying in the area of cultural preventive measures, which is realized by creating educational cultural concepts and programs. Here, methods are developed in order to achieve a maximum involvement and activity of the audience.

Jean-Louis and Kristof will present a five-day intensive workshop “Connecting the Body and Breath to Acting” for actors and directors. The workshop will be in two parts: PART 1 : In our training, through mental and physical process we invite the actors to expand their level of awareness of themselves, in stillness and in movement, and begin to explore optimum functioning in their body. PART 2.: we apply the principles of the Alexander Technique and other movement techniques to prepared scenes and monologues. This is an extremely important part of the workshop because it gives real practical information to the actors and directors on how to apply this work in a very tangible and useful way to improving performance and breaking boundaries of limitations and restrictions.

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für professionelle Schauspieler und Filmschaffende
im Sommer 2008 in Berlin

Susan Batson 2.-6.Juli 2008
Jean-Louis Rodrigue & Kristof Konrad 21.-25.07.2008
Mel Churcher 27.-31. Juli 2008
Larry Moss

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