Jean-Louis teaches at the UCLA Arts Camp & Theater Conservatory

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The Theater Conservatory Workshop develops the advanced theater actor’s physical, emotional, and imaginative resources. This two-week journey incorporates the physical expression of movement, the spontaneity of improvisation, the liberating alchemy of mask and myths, and transformation into authentic character. Contemporary and classical scene work is at the heart of the workshop. This area is mandatory for any young actor who desires to work in the theater or who will be auditioning for a performing arts college or university. It is the foundation for a successful career and one that actors are constantly involved with as they hone their craft. Emphasis is placed upon making effective choices based on the given circumstances of the play and playing them from an open, present self in a way that is genuinely felt. Actors will learn to uncover their own humanity, to stand in a more spontaneous self, and to give more deeply to the character and the play.

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