Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad orchestrates the Camera Close-Up Acting Workshop, Berlinale 2012 © David Ausserhofer

The tenth Berlinale Talent Campus ended successfully, having 350 filmmakers from 99 countries leaving Berlin in high spirits, full of inspiration and overwhelmed with fresh input and ideas.  Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad presented two intensive hands-on workshops for actors and directors Embodying the Character and Camera Close-Up Acting.  This new workshop explored the skills and tools required for the extraordinary creation of characters specifically geared for the camera.  Prior to the start date of the Berlin International Film Festival, Jean-Louis Rodrigue offered for the first time a workshop for the Talent Project Market, a collaborative juncture between the Berlinale Co-Production    Market and the Berlinale TalentCampus. Inviting eleven emerging producers and directors to prepare with Jean-Louis and present their film proposals to market savvy co-producers and financiers who are attending the Berlinale.

Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad during Embodying The Character Workshop, BERLINALE 2012 © David Ausserhofer

Kathi Bildhauer, Manager of the Berlinale Talent Project Market said, “This year one of the reasons why our 11 filmmakers in the Talent Project Market were so happy – was a truly special session you gave them. What an experience! Thank you so much again for your commitment, for your lively and invaluable session, for your fantastic approach and in general for being the warmhearted person you are. ‘Changing Perspectives’ was the central focus of this anniversary edition of the Campus and empowered everybody attending to see things from a different angle and clearly define their future goals.

Jean-Louis Rodrigue and emerging producers and directors at 2012 Berlinale © David Ausserhofer

“You have to have a vision – and don’t be afraid to stick to it,” stated Werner Herzog when meeting talents, and Alex McDowell added “I think it’s essential to everything we do, that we are curious and we question.”