Public Speaking & the Alexander Technique

Your Body Speaks: The Art of Pitching Your Story

public-speaking-alexander-techniqueHow public speakers present their projects to potential executives and investors often determines if the project will be made. Effective pitching requires clarity of expression, confident body language, accessing the imagination, and engaging the audience’s attention. Understanding how to use “watcher identification” and empathy as a way to connect with the audience is crucial to successful communication. What is the secret art of communication and what is it that makes a human being effective and interesting to watch?

This practical training is geared toward becoming connected to ensure your inner life and ideas clearly extend to the outer world through your body and voice.

Basic elements of the training:

  • integrating your imagination and your intuition with logic
  • organizing your talk (mind mapping)
  • knowing your audience
  • personalizing your story
  • dealing effectively with fear and the startle pattern
  • preparing your talk with the Alexander Technique
  • using your inner animal to energize your presence
  • understanding that your body speaks (70% body, 23% tone of voice, 7% content)
  • breathing coordination and the Alexander Technique
  • using space and environment