Leonardo DiCaprio & Josh Brolin work with Jean-Louis to chart and embody the aging process

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J. Edgar Movie Poster

Leonardo Dicaprio as J. Edgar
Courtesy: Warner Bros.

Jean-Louis Rodrigue has gained a reputation in the industry as an expert in physicalizing iconic political figures and in coaching actors with the aging process for characters.

Leonardo DiCaprio worked extensively with Jean-Louis Rodrigue for his award-winning performance as J. Edgar Hoover. Details of the psychological, physical, and emotional journey of J. Edgar Hoover had to be discovered and integrated from within. In J. Edgar, DiCaprio ages from his 20’s to his 70’s, a daunting challenge for a 37-year-year old actor. The result was a stunning interpretation of the historical figure that garnered DiCaprio worldwide recognition for his acclaimed performance.

Josh Brolin as George W. Bush in "W."

Josh Brolin as George W. Bush in “W.”
Courtesy: Lions Gate

Josh Brolin also worked with Jean-Louis in preparation for his role as George W. Bush in W. He came to Jean-Louis to work on expressing Bush’s aging process from the age of 20 to 60. Besides integrating all the character physicality, Josh had to find a way of mapping the aging process within George W.’s particular life’s history. By using Jean-Louis’s coaching, Josh was able to discover and employ authentic human resources in his body and breath to give life to George W. Bush in stunning detail.


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