Kristof trains cast of “Underworld: Blood Wars” in vampire and werewolf movement

2018-03-18T07:56:14+00:00 By |Animal Studies, Animal Studies (featured), Director & Cast Collaboration, Director & Cast Collaboration (featured), News, TV & Film|

In collaboration with director Anna Foerster, Kristof Konrad acted as Movement Choreographer and trained the actors, stunt players, and extras in animal movement techniques for Underworld: Blood Wars. Kristof also arrived in Prague two [...]

Justin Chatwin uses animal studies to embody Ajax the cat in “Unleashed”

2018-03-18T08:38:46+00:00 By |Animal Studies, Animal Studies (featured), Private Coaching, TV & Film|

Justin Chatwin has been studying the Alexander Technique and Animal Studies for several years with Jean-Louis Rodrigue and Kristof Konrad. Last summer, he was cast as Ajax, one of the main characters in the new [...]

Student Update: Gavin Robins receives rave reviews for “King Kong, Live on Stage”

2018-03-18T08:40:15+00:00 By |Animal Studies, Student Updates, Theatre|

King Kong, Live on Stage opened last June in Melbourne to understandably mixed reviews because of its history and it's still a work in progress. Gavin Robins as the Aerial/Circus Director, Peter Wilson as Puppetry Director, [...]

Aussie Movement Director Gavin Robins works with Jean-Louis for “King Kong”

2017-12-17T11:04:31+00:00 By |Animal Studies, Animal Studies (featured), Theatre|

Gavin Robins Gavin Robins, Australian movement director and choreographer, studied with Jean-Louis Rodrigue as part of a fellowship grant awarded to him by The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia. This research fellowship [...]

Jean-Louis works closely with director Simon Wells & cast of “The Time Machine”

2018-01-02T11:47:11+00:00 By |Animal Studies, Director & Cast Collaboration, TV & Film|

Working closely with director Simon Wells and the Stan Winston Studio, Jean-Louis Rodrigue collaborated in creating the threatening movements of the Hunter and Spy Morlocks for Dreamworks’ feature film, The Time Machine. The heavy and elaborate creature [...]

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